Teresa slays the monster!

Dreamtime, a mushroom induced reality, Portabella that is.

Sometimes I have interesting dreams. Some sweet, some intricate, and some, like last night’s, just plain bizzare.
We were stuck in some kind of traffic problem. People everywhere waiting on this long road. Since I had read about the 100 mile long jam in China yesterday I’m not too surprised that it showed up in Dreamtime. There were a group of us, but other than Teresa and me I don’t know who they were. We worked our way to a destination, the courtyard of some palace, before we were discovered. What ensued was a gun battle in a crowded public square. So, hey, it is my dream and I got to be the hero of this battle. I shot a whole bunch of hoodlums and bad guys while only being superficially wounded myself. Eventually we made it to where the big boss was. Teresa, showing heretofore unknown courage approached the boss, who was referred to as the entity (TIME OUT: A brief description of the entity is in order. Picture something large and round like a roulette wheel that actually looked like Humpty Dumpty. Garishly colored and big. It was wearing a jacket with a breast pocket on both sides.) Teresa walked right up to the entity, grabbed on to the pockets and tore the jacket. For some reason this destroyed the critter and the battle ended.
Cool so far, huh? So they made a movie about Teresa’s life culminating in the battle scene. Teresa was played by somebody like Lindsey Lohan and I was played by Ben Allfleck. I was happy that at least they were accurate when they chose actors to play us; but I digress. We went to the priemer in a theater that had counter height tables with tall chairs and it was, as you’d expect, packed to capacity. Teresa was the star which was only fitting as she was the one who saved humanity, but in keeping with her humble roots we sat with the hoi polloi. Standing next to us was Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. They had arrived late and couldn’t find a seat. I knew it was a big deal when we saw them. And that was the end.
Now, I know what you are wondering. “Why would a person write something like this?” Ok, here’s the deal. Teresa thought that the entire thing was so silly that someone should blog it. Personally I think that she was so enamored of the idea that she was the heroine that she wanted all her friends to know. She told me that ahe would set out to write it up. I gave her a few pictures I found on Google that I felt represented what the entity looked like. Of the three I offered she dismissed offhand the one I like which is included at the top of this piece. So that’s why I wrote it. It isn’t that I want the world to know about my sick¬†subconscious, I just want the world to see my vision as compared to the fair Teresa’s.