Constantly Surprised

I see things everyday that I take for granted. Take this dragonfly for example. I see these in the yard all the time but barely give them a second thought. Yesterday I was leaving for work and I saw this critter attached to a stalk on our canna lillies. It was a picture I thought worth taking and this guy was willing to wait until I went back into the house to grab my camera.  Later, as I viewed the pictures I had taken I was not overly impressed, that is, until I cropped and enhanced the shot. The detail that exploded from the monitor was overwhelming.  I have seen pictures of these things in books, but I have never before been close enough to see the detail of the head and wing structure.

This is the common Green Darner described as follows: Dragonflies haven’t changed much over the last 300 million years. Today they are one of the most easily recognized of all insects. The common green darner is the largest, most abundant and widespread dragonfly species in North America. Common green darners are called “mosquito hawks” because they eat mosquitoes, providing an important service to humans. As an animal that lives in both freshwater and terrestrial (land) habitats, having healthy green darner populations indicates a balanced and healthy ecosystem.

They eat mosquitoes? Hey, not only beautiful but useful as well. In Minnesota anything that kills mosquitoes is a big plus.


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